Warranty & Disclaimers

All product of the company are made with natural A class wood and do not carry any warranty.

Any manufacturing defect should be informed within 15 days off supply before installation and company shall replace the material subject to technical report of the factory engineer .

1The wood is seasoned with moisture level below 10%
2Still it may turn / twist a little depending on condition.
3Climatic expansions / contraction may occur in flooring /decking/ wall panels/ doors/ Furniture
4Some planks may split at end or develop hair cracks in course of time. It does not affect the strength.
5This is a natural product , though all due care has been taken while manufacturing but we do not provide warranty.

1Product is natural wood , sourced from different trees so shade and correctors may not be same.
2The polish is clear in shade/ stain and the appearance is of real wood and natural.
3The Polish is seven coat of different surface guards or oil and wax
4The polish is lasting and tough but do not carry any warrantee.
5The polish can come of with general wear and tear depending on traffic and use.
6Floors can be republished as new when required.

1Floors should be protected from water ingress, washing, and flooding.
2Floors should be moped with soft dry cloth only.
3Please avoid dump moping.
4Floors should be waxed polished with soft cloth once in a week.
5No chemical/ cleaning agent should be used to clean floors.
6Please use soft leg caps for furniture.
7Do not move furniture or heavy item on floor to avoid scratching.
8Floors are not fire proof.
9Variation of 5 % is possible due to climatic expansion in given dimensions.