Coconut Wood Flooring

Product Code: HF-002

Product Details

The coconut tree has no limbs, therefore, Palmwood Flooring has no knots. Clear grained and knot free, it is naturally prime grade according to industry standards, every piece. In reference to NHLA grading standards, Palmwood Flooring is higher than FAS, the industry's standard, which has a second face requirement of at least 83.13% clear. Palmwood Flooring has set a new standard of FAF, meaning that, all faces of the flooring are 100% clear.

The Benefits of Palm Wood Flooring

  • Every piece of Palm Wood Flooring is clear grained and knot free, prime grade according to industry standards.
  • Coconut wood, the resource of Palm Wood Flooring, is the most abundant and environmentally safe hardwood on the planet.
  • Palm Wood Flooring has a universal application for interior design.
  • Palm Wood Flooring has a natural resistance to termites.
  • Palm Wood Flooring is exotic, durable and beautiful with a look like no other.
  • Palm Wood Flooring is a solid wood product
  • Say Goodbye to Termites - Since coconut trees are part of the cane and grass family, its wood contains a natural resistance to termites. Termites don't particularly favor this kind of wood, leaving your home termite-free.