Hevea Flooring

Product Code: HWF-007

Product Details

You might not know what Hevea is, however it is actually also known as the rubber tree. It's a very quick growing tree which has many uses. Rubber wood is a medium density hardwood product which can be used for furniture, and flooring. Hevea wood is as durable as Oak and Teak which makes it a very attractive alternative. Hevea is much more durable than a number of the other popular hardwood flooring, and it also benefits from some other advantages.

Hevea wood is typically used in parquet flooring. It's a very attractive wood which will add warmth to any room. It's available in a wide range of colors which make it perfect for use in many different types of homes. The main reason that Hevea is so popular as a flooring material is because it's environment friendly. It's completely biodegradable. Hevea is a quick growing tree which means that it can easily be replaced. Hevea flooring is taken from managed forests and is seen as an environmentally friendly product.

To sum it up, Hevea is a hard wearing, durable, and environmentally friendly flooring material which makes it perfectly suited for many people. Hevea wood flooring will last you for a very long time to come; you will probably never even have to worry about replacing the floor during your lifetime. This flooring is the ideal material choice. Any hardwood floor should be installed professionally, it's an investment and should be treated as such.