Antique Wood Flooring

Product Code: SWF-003

Product Details

Recycling and remilling aged wooden floors allows us to help preserve our beautiful forests, our beautiful Earth. Precious wood is salvaged from century old buildings allowing us to play a role in preserving our beautiful forests. Passed down to us from an epoch when virgin forests reigned over our earth, it is denser, stronger and heavier than any lumber we have known in our lifetime; it is, pound for pound, stronger than steel. The paradox of this is that not only are aged wooden floors most beautiful, but their use is beneficial to mankind. Each floor is unique, imbued by time with beauty like no other in the world. We sell original floors - which are much rarer and more beautiful than floorboards cut from beams.

We repair flaws in the surface of wide, long boards to preserve the grandeur of the original dimensions - painstaking work, but the only way to produce floors with beautiful, long floorboards (up to 20 ft.) We have custom designed equipment to do all deep dimensioning from the backs of boards, leaving the charm of the subtly contoured aged surface and the patina intact.

We fume the floorboards to bring out and deepen the natural aged color of oak. This makes a homogeneous floor and avoids the heavy use of stain when finishing the floor later. Our state of the art dehumidification dry kiln gently conditions the wood to the proper moisture content, so that the delicate patina and aged character are fully retained. We grade the floor meticulously - nine times during production - to ensure the beauty of your floor.