Maple Sports Flooring

Product Code: SF-001

Product Details

Accord Sports Flooring surface is a Free-floating resilient sports floor system designed for multipurpose use. It is suitable for all types of facilities and for players of all ages providing not only a multifunction sports floor but also a floor at competitive budgets. The structural sub-floor treated sleepers provide the necessary support and space allowing suitable air circulation / ventilation for added dimensional stability and long-term durability.

Maple/Teak/Tigerwood are the preferred options to other hardwood flooring. It can be sanded, buffed, sealed and finished and is Kiln Dried & Borate treated for protection against humidity and against insects. The hardwood flooring uses Neoprene pads for maximum shock absorbency and high performance play. We originated the engineered sub floor systems that lie beneath the surface of today's high performance sports floors. Our floors were the first to work with athletes and not against them. Our advanced sports floor systems truly enhance the comfort, safety and performance of the athletes at all levels.

Accord Sports Flooring is recommended for basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, racquetball, squash and other multi-purpose sports activities providing good resiliency, shock absorption, and performance whether jumping, running or pivoting.