Teak Parquet Flooring

Product Code: MPF-001

Product Details

Mosaic parquet is the floor, which is composed from mosaic patterns repeated with the certain frequency and sequence. Mosaic pattern is a composing unit of the tile. We are happy to serve you in the installation of assembled parquet, because the product which we offer has the precise geometry, and experts do not have difficulties while working with it. We supply raw pieces of solid Teak which are milled to perfection and are ready for glue down installation and finishing.After finishing it gives you a perfect Zero Level Parquet flooring for years to come.

Parquet mosaic is the oldest kind of wooden flooring which is being used from many centuries. Parquet mosaic can be installed in various patterns like Herring-Bone, Brick pattern,Regular pattern,etc. Teak parquet is famous worldwide because of its exotic looks and its superb finish. Its a perfect flooring option for those who do not want the locks like in convention wooden flooring visible.