Engineered Maple Flooring

Product Code: EWF-003

Product Details

All Engineered Maple Flooring is made up of multiple layers. The multi-layer parquet structure makes the floor more even and stable than with solid flooring, even when temperatures and ambient humidity vary according to season. The reason is that crossed layers counteract the natural movements of the timber. Varying the direction of the fibres in the timber in various layers allows more durable floors that are not affected as much by changes in humidity in the indoor climate. In India we see some of the biggest humidity variations in the world, something that has inspired us to learn how to tame the forces of nature.
Accord parquet flooring is also more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring as we use fast-growing wood species such as pine for the intermediate layer. This means that we do not need to use as much of the valuable hardwood as required for solid flooring.
Accord Engineered Wood floors can be sanded three to four times over the lifetime of the floor, just like solid wood flooring.