Laminate Flooring

Product Code: LF-001

Product Details

With our wide selection of beautiful, realistic designs and unique performance features, you are sure to find the floor that fits your home and style. And because of superior scratch and stain resistance, our laminate floors will stay gorgeous for years no matter how big or small your mishaps, or your mishap-makers.
Many of our exclusive texturing processes closely follow the contours of the wood grain resulting in the truest, most ultra-realistic look and feel of natural hardwood. We offer an array of collections that represent a wide range of colors and styles. Superior durability is a promise we make on all of our floors. Our surface protection overlays provide outstanding scratch and scuff protection. Not even the worst accidental spill will leave a stain on the floor surface, including nail polish, or oil.
We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your home beauty just because you need a durable, low maintenance floor. Accord's premium laminate surface ensures dirt and dust will not adhere to your floor and guarantees it will not stain or fade like other flooring surfaces. With a few easy maintenance steps, you will find taking care of your laminate floor is remarkably simple.