Laminate Floors

Product Code: LF-002

Product Details

Even though this hard-surface floor covering consists of over 90 percent wood, it is resistant to cigarette burns and stiletto heels. Impact and scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, heat and light resistant, and cost-effective a laminate floor is always a good choice. One thing that gives away a laminate floor is its thin profile. The advantages of ACCORD premium laminate flooring are clear: easy installation without any glue at all, durability, hardness. Those with allergies can also breathe easy as house dust mites and the like have no chance here. The premium laminate floors contain only flawless, harmless materials and thus propagate a healthy indoor climate.
As mentioned before, a laminate floor is mostly made of wood but not of wood alone. The extra tough overlay, which contains melamine, and the decorative laminate are pressed together to form an extremely hard-wearing surface. The special moisture control HDF coreboard is resistant to moisture. This coreboard and the balancing laminate at the bottom ensure reliable dimensional stability. They protect the floorboards against warping and ensure that they remain beautiful for a long time.