Rustic Pine Flooring

Product Code: RTF-001

Product Details

Everyday, buildings and structures are dismantled across the country. This process results in waste dumped into landfills. Fortunately, the deconstruction industry continues to grow and salvage an increasing percentage of materials from old buildings and we do our part as well.
Rich and full of texture, Accord Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring brings antique natural beauty from lands near and far. The wood used to make this exclusive flooring has a history of its own as it was reclaimed from ancient buildings, some as old as 600 years. By reusing the wood, Accord keeps this would-be waste from piling up in landfills, further illustrating our dedication to the environment. Many of the reclaimed hardwood planks show some of the original antiquing and distressing, revealing the wood's unique past, while providing original style and fashion to the household setting.
The final result is that Accord Floors lessens the negative impact on landfills and offers beautiful, unique hardwood flooring. The Accord brand focuses on providing domestic and international exotic products that are both stylish and environmentally sound.