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    Attaching pristine beauty and strength of wood to floor with myriad choices of Hardwood Flooring in frame of Engineered Flooring, Solid Wood Floors, Teak Wood Floors, Antique Teak Floors, Bamboo Floors, Oak Wood Floors, Laminated Wood Floors, Parquet Flooring, Walnut Wood Floors, Engineered Wood Flooring.

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    ACCORD FLOORS provides integrated and coordinated wooden flooring solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people’s quality of life and the life-time return of building facilities. No matter whether the project is public, commercial, residential or a sports facility installation, a new construction or a renovation project, we leverage our worldwide expertise, our broad product portfolio across wooden flooring, decking, cladding, façade, wall panel, sports flooring and accessories, as well as our intimate understanding of customers’ needs to offer distinctive flooring experiences. Read more

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